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In the modern-day, rapidly changing, and highly customer-centered environment of business, it isn’t strange to see that what we consider as ‘able’ individuals, the ones who were always functioning very well to satisfy business needs in the past, are no longer capable of meeting the needs and requirements of new contemporary organizational structures. For people who are no longer “fitting” in an organization, there is a lot of so-called “outplacement support”, that is designed to make sure that the optimal solution for these individuals is found as rapidly as possible. The benefits are plentiful. There are substantial benefits to company if they provide this support:

  • Employees who stay with the company will no longer fear further changes, so they’ll be more flexible
  • The company’s as well as the management’s images are enhanced in the eyes of remaining employees
  • The company will be at lower risk of legal claims and tribunals

Career Guide

Despite the fact that there are proven benefits to this support select many employers and businesses not to offer their employees this sort of support, mainly for the reason of the extremely high fees that are charged by a lot of nationally operating Outplacement Consultancies. Fact is that, despite the high fees they charge, many of the high profile’ organizations are not even employing their own counsellors. They are outsourcing the program delivery to freelance career professionals, like the professionals from Carlen and Company. So we see that there’s financial gain if you eliminate the middlemen and support departing staff through outplacement guidance that’s directly provided by firms like us.

  • The company will be able to more quickly focus on new business goals and directions
  • The company sends an encouraging message to stakeholders, customers, and the global market.
  • The choice will depend on the number of staff & organizational level

Interactive Programs

Many interactive programs are available for a wide range of employees, from low-level administrators and shop floor workers to lower management employees (supervisors), and management positions. In short, for all situations where H.R. budgets or time scale issues are key elements. Usually, one of Career Jump’s consultants will lead an on-site workshop (or, if you prefer, at some suitable facility as a local hotel). The workshop will be for a full day and can be for up to 10 employees, though in case more delegates need to accommodate, more workshops can be held as well.

  • At these workshops, consultants will focus on those areas that the employees will need to address,
  • Provide hands-on guidance on things like how to prepare a good CV, how to best explore the Job Market, on letter writing, how to best behave at interviews, and so on.
  • Check what else can you do for your company.
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Our students are coming from all walks of life, and they all have one thing in common: they all want to boost their careers and create a better life, not only for themselves but also for the ones around them. They have realized they require the education, training, and support that these schools provide. They are all adult learners, and they all need to receive exactly the right information they require if they want to keep their jobs, or want to qualify for advancement.


This very cost-effective outplacement service may well be used to support managers that will be laid off. This service is frequently deemed necessary to offer senior staff more and intensive support. In this sort of situations, this more extensive but still cost-effective version of “Outplacement Service” is highly recommended.

This workshop covers three consecutive days, and provides more in-depth training and coaching, such as hands-on support on main fields as how to prepare a good CV,  the application process, networking, pathways onto the employment market, and how to write a good letter. Of course would a copy of ‘Your Career Control System’ need to be included in the package.

The Managerial Outplacement Workshop requires a greater level of attention, so the groups are limited to up to 8 delegates.


The Managerial Outplacement Workshop costs $1600 for the entire 3-day workshop

plus $100 per individual delegate’s copy of the manual “Your Career Control System” (sticker price: $150.00)

All Fees will be subject to sales tax at prevailing rates

Outplacement Coaching for Executives

While the above-described “Cost-effective Outplacement Service” may also be used to support that need to be fired, it is often needed to provide executives and senior staff with more personalized and intensive support. In such cases, personalized and intensive one-on-one workshops may be set up in a series of coaching sessions. These workshops would ideally take place as soon as possible, on-site. If that’s not possible or desirable, the sessions may also be held either at a local facility such as a hotel or, if agreed by all parties, at the home of the delegate.

Fees for this sort of sessions are by negotiation, and will depend on requirements.

Are You Just Too Good As Employer?

You are offering good compensation, including top terms & conditions, and your staff’s morale is of high standards.

Does it please you that hardly any employees ever wish to leave your company?

Sure, you are benefitting from your staff’s growing skills, experience, and their knowledge of your processes and products. And of course, you are avoiding the sky-high re-recruitment expenses.

Bon the other hands, your company’s workforce is aging, and if you don’t expand, you are not likely to take on many new employees. Then, you will not be able to benefit from new ideas and better understanding of all sorts of new methods brought into your organization by such “fresh blood”.

Eventually, you may be confronted with a huge chunk of your workforce retiring at more or less the same time. And they will be taking their lifetime’s worth of experience and skill with them. They could very well be leaving behind a huge need for skills training and development, and don’t forget that “experience: can’t be trained.

What your company (and for that matter, every organization) really needs is a constant infusion of fresh blood. You need new and fresh methods and ideas coming in regularly to rejuvenate your organization. You want a flowing stream of new ideas instead of a stagnant pool.

Now how can you reach this goal if your employees won’t leave by themselves? You will agree that redundancy is no option if you want jobs to be refilled, and if your workers are super comfortable where they’re at (work, pay, conditions, and so on), they will be less likely to quit.

Leaders are role-models. They are the models of success for anyone of us and in every sector of life. Herein lies the reason that we want to discover, develop, and polish the leader in you. But it doesn’t come easy. leadership attributes include:

  • Great leaders understand how to be and remain themselves. They are truly proud of the person they are
  • Great leaders possess the skill to inspire confidence in persons around them
  • Great leaders will never be self-serving
  • Great leaders understand at what times to be open to advice
  • Great leaders have learned to be leading through following
  • Great leaders will never quit or give up

There is one important way to develop your leadership capacities: volunteering

If you contribute to your community through volunteer contributions, you will receive self-esteem, experience, and social skills development. Volunteering activities should be promoted to develop your community sense, and personal leadership skills. You can volunteer in various sectors of your community, just get involved.

Over the past decades, we’ve witnessed tremendous shifts in the workplace. This has required workers to further get specialized knowledge and skills, but that doesn’t mean they need to become graduate degrees and follow time-consuming courses.

Here at Carlen and Company we are at a unique position to provide you with the skills you require on the contemporary job market. You can take advantage of these schools’ on-the-job experience presented by professional and committed instructors. The courses are designed and tested in cooperation with successful and dedicated employers, so you will be perfectly prepared for the modern-day exiting job market.

We worked with  Carlen and company  on creating our career tests. This was really important to us that the tests were user-friendly and professional. Thanks to Carlen help we were able to create very powerful quizzes.

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