About this site

I’m an Independently-minded Political Science graduate who studied at the University of California-Berkeley and I also run my own startup. Here I write my musings every so often on various issues ranging from the philosophical, to the mundane, to the all-important and serious. I pretend to know all, only to fathom glimmers of truth through the shards of thought I create. I learn, thereby, every day.

There are 5 rules I hold dear in my life, and attempt to live by every day:

1) Love Friends

2) Love Family

3) Help Others

4) Always Dress Well

5) Protect and Serve My Country and My People

And those are it. So hopefully that explains the masthead.

That usually doesn’t help me much in life but it still makes me feel good inside and hopefully, in the end – whenever that is – it all comes up nicely.