Making a voodoo doll. For Entertainment Purposes Only:)

I know I am going to get whacked upside the head by Karma, but as promised, instructions on how to make your own voodoo doll…

Making a voodoo doll is pretty simple. The trick is to make it as personal to whomever it is to personify as possible. This makes it easier for any spells or curses to find their intended.

But if you can’t get any personal items from the person, try to make your doll look as close as possible like the real person. The first thing you need is something to provide structure for your doll. You could use a couple of sticks tied together in the form of a cross.

For my doll, I am using a couple of inkpens enblazened with the name of the apartment management company who employs the tramp that I wish to curse. Next, you must wrap something around the structure of your doll to represent a head and body, such as cotton stuffed with moss. I am using some cotton stuffed with bubble wrap, which is as full of air and as inflated as she is.

Now you may choose to decorate your doll at your discretion, but keeping the details as close as possible to the real aspects of your intended target will increase the power of any spells you cast.

I am painting my doll up to look like a whore and dressing her in a slutty looking Barbie doll dress complete with high heeled shoes. Since I can not get hold of any of her real hair, I am gluing on some dried up hay instead.

Now you can cast whichever spells or curses that you choose. Just remember that when using pins, those white pins attract and colored pins dispel. So I am sticking white pins in her ass and thighs to attract fat and cellulite.

I haven’t quite figured out yet where to stick colored pins to dispel her bitchiness. Her head? Her heart? Maybe I will try both. Afterwards, I am going to stick my doll in a remote-control corvette and laugh maniacally as I drive it off a cliff.

For those of you who are too lazy or busy to make your own voodoo doll, I have found a couple of websites that will help you out. You can order pre-made voodoo dolls that come complete with instructions on using them or there are a couple of different websites like Instant Voodoo and Virtual Design that let you cast spells on a voodoo doll and email it to your victim.