How to get the job you want

Day after day, you wonder why you don’t seem to be making any progress. You look left for the solution, and then you look right. In every direction you look there never seems to be an answer to get money.

The problems for most people are right behind, but you never see it. Some days you’re in the mood to run a mile and back. Other days you don’t feel like getting out of your bed.

The motivation you carry to get what needs to be done all depends on your mood. It’s challenging to always keep your enthusiasm high especially when doing anything you don’t enjoy. Maybe it’s time to change a career? There are career aptitude tests that can help you with making a right career move. And if you still didn’t get your High School diploma, simply go for the GED test.

There is a really good website ( that offers free GED instruction and practice tests and online classes so you will only to be willing to spend a few weeks preparing for the test.

If inconsistency that’s stabbing you in the back read on and make a right choice.

More Bad Days, Rather Than Good

No matter who you are, we all know the meaning of struggle. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning. You struggle to take that early morning jog when you know it’s needed. Every one of your days is a new day to struggle.

”Struggle is the enemy, and sacrifice is the remedy.”

To have it all you must let go of a lot, and even more when you’re thinking otherwise. If you tell yourself to work a couple more hours, then you’re sacrificing sleeping time. The thing is that it’s difficult to sacrifice when it’s needed. As a result, it comes with having bad days.

You oversleep and get nothing done, so that’s an unproductive day that brings no value to your life. Inconsistency will bring out the worst in you and it’ll always feel like you’re having a bad day.

Your bad habits will grow on you over time only making it harder to get money. Things will continue to get in the way of your progress. Many times that will be things you have the ability to see right through, but inconsistency has its ways of getting the best out of you.

People Need Stability

In the business world, people love stability. Not only do they love it, but they depend on it in many ways. It’s a major reason why many businesses are extremely successful. When you wake up in the morning and want that McGriddle you better believe the McDonalds down the street is going to be up and running.

The first mission is always to satisfy their customers. If you go to McDonald’s and for no apparent reason they’re closed you’ll be highly upset. You rely on certain businesses to always be producing when they supposed to be. Those businesses provide you with something of value that you must have.

If you contemplate going into business for yourself with hopes to get money, then other people will be relying on your services. The aim should be to stay as stable as possible and keep things flowing smoothly the way they should. At all times that seems near impossible, but many businesses are able to make this happen.

To become a looked at a competitor you must find ways to increase your stability. By increasing your stability you will be building trust with your customers, and nothing’s more important than their trust. Customers that trust in your business will be far more inclined to promote it on automatic.

Word of mouth can be more valuable than you ever imagined!

Bad Habits Equal Bad Results

If you practice bad habits then you will also receive bad results. It’s just the way things go in this lifetime. More times than none, you build bad habits without even recognizing it. People enjoy sleeping so much that they make a living out of waking up after none. It’s bad enough that you sleep till noon, but anything after is a bad habit you picked up.

Time is already short enough and you don’t need to be wasting it sleeping. Think of it this way, and your eyes will surely open wide. A person that wakes up at 8 am every morning will have one thousand four hundred and sixty more hours in a year to make good use of then the next person that wakes up at noon.

That’s just too much time for me to let slip out of my hands. It already feels like time goes by too fast as is. The thing is that you can’t let bad habits go unnoticed because they will kill whatever positive results you had coming your way. Stay smart, stay productive, stay on top of your game.

Practice what you preach my friends.

Capture A Bad Reputation

This happens to be one of the very few things that aren’t easier said than done. It takes far less time to capture a bad reputation than a good one. You can literally capture a bad reputation overnight if your luck’s that bad. This is why you must always work hard at staying on your toes.

Keep your customers happy with the way your handling things. If you can keep the majority happy, then you will win out a good reputation around the community. Things spread quickly in a multitude of ways, and you don’t want bad things to be spreading about your business.

I know there are countless blogs I stopped reading, because of their inconsistency. One month they might have posted multiple times a week, and then other weeks where they were nowhere to be found. That’s just no way to run any business in my book.

When you capture a bad reputation it’s that much harder to recover. The odds will be stacked up against you even more, as they were already stacked up from the beginning. Always think about the image you’re giving off.


It’s hard to recognize if you’re being inconsistent with your work, so don’t beat yourself over the head. Hopefully, I made you think a bit deeper. Consistency is good in any direction you take in life. There’s no possible way to hold down any job inconsistently being available. Stability has to be your top priority and something that can’t be missed or slacked on by any means.

If you start missing days randomly, then no one will be able to rely on you. In any job, everyone has to act like a team. You must stay on the grind to get money. Make a plan and then a schedule that you stick to with your life. The grind must become part of your everyday hustling, and only then will you start seeing progression in the direction you desire.

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