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In an article I read today on TechDirt apparently Disney is in hot water for selling a lamp that infringes on copyright laws.

As you may know, Pixar is one of the divisions of Disney and they make all those sickeningly cute little movies like Cars and Wall-E and tons of others that my kids watch constantly. I’ll admit it: I like them.

And if you’ve ever watched any of these movies then obviously you’re familiar with the various Pixar Logos that incorporate that sweet little lamp:

Well, this little lamp is inspired by a pretty prominent lighting company called Luxo. They make task lighting, medical lighting – pretty much if you can screw a light bulb into it they make it.

Disney is scheduled to release a special Up – Limited Edition Luxo Jr. Collectible Lamp Packon November 10th but there’s one teeny tiny problem. They named the lamp Luxo Jr. – and the lamp is not made by the company Luxo.

It really makes you wonder why the heck nobody caught this or thought, geez, we’re releasing a product that has the same name as a brand that we have nothing to do with…

And while this type of stuff happens quite a lot, it seems very strange to come from Disney…especially since they have sued others for similar violations. Apparently after doing some research it’s not the first time Disney nor Pixar has had legal problems with copyright infringement and been involved in a stupid lawsuit – but you would think something this obvious would be impossible to overlook.

I went out for coffee the other night with a girl I used to work with, N. We met at 6.30pm, I got home at 10.15pm. As somebody who doesn’t go out with girls at all, I loved it all. It was great having somebody to gossip with, somebody to tell The Biggest Secret In My Life Right Now © and generally just be me for the night.

You see, at work I put on this act. For a start I’m Melissa in work. Hate that name, but they’ve started calling me it in the shop (probably because, you know, it’s my name) so I suppose it’s there to stick.

I’m cool and confident (around 90% of the time), know what I’m talking about and put up this amazingly large wall around myself. In the space of a month I’ve gone from working with mates who I talked about nearly everything with to, well, not talking about anything other than date checks, orders or how short the tills were the day before.

It’s getting to me quite a bit. Even if my previous workplace I had a wall up around me, but two people got the key to the gate and were the only people in the entire world that I spoke to about certain things. That’s quite a bit sad really.

At home? Yep another act, if only because me and my mother don’t really see eye to eye on anything. I barely see her, and if I do you can bet she’s drinking and I can’t stand people who drink. So I lock myself away in my bedroom, listen to music, read, browse the ‘net and generally act like a 15 year old.

So that leaves time with my boyfriend. I’m mostly ‘me’ with him but again, there’s things I don’t feel comfortable talking to him about, especially work because he’s just not interested in my job. I don’t blame him, as soon as he starts talking about his job I switch off too.

I don’t have any female mates. I get on better with boys, or so I thought. It was such a relief talking about stuff that’s going on in my life just now with somebody who’s sort of in the same boat. And hearing everything that’s going on in her life made me realize a lot. It’s crazy, meeting up for one cup of coffee has made me come to such a serious decision in my life.

If I haven’t been offered a managerial position within the company that I currently work for, and am training to do, before my 23rd birthday I’ll be looking for something else

I turn 23 in April. That’s 6 months; more than enough time for me to prove that my 18vmonths of training has paid off and I have the skills to run my own store. Yes, I’m young. But so are a few managers in the company. I know that I can do this, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. The company obviously think that I can do it, or I wouldn’t be on this course.