Recession-Proof Businesses

I hope you like what I’ve done with the place. I have been struggling on and on about the theme and how I want Renaissance Blogger to be looking. Have I finally found a “perfect” theme? Probably not.

But being code-impaired I need to settle on the creations of others. I hope that it is well received (not really, I like it and I’m not really concerned about what anyone else thinks ).

I also have cleaned up the blogrolls and the sidebars. I realized over the course of the weekend that, though I love doing the meme thing (photohunts, Thursday Thirteens, and the like), that I was not allowing this space to be used as full as possible.

I am hoping to post once or twice a day at most but go into more depth on whatever the subject is that I am writing about (in many cases that will be about writing itself).

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Making a voodoo doll. For Entertainment Purposes Only:)

I know I am going to get whacked upside the head by Karma, but as promised, instructions on how to make your own voodoo doll…

Making a voodoo doll is pretty simple. The trick is to make it as personal to whomever it is to personify as possible. This makes it easier for any spells or curses to find their intended.

But if you can’t get any personal items from the person, try to make your doll look as close as possible like the real person. The first thing you need is something to provide structure for your doll. You could use a couple of sticks tied together in the form of a cross.

For my doll, I am using a couple of inkpens enblazened with the name of the apartment management company who employs the tramp that I wish to curse. Continue reading

Promoting Small Business the Smart Way

After five days of trying to set up the satellite system himself only to fail miserably, Dave finally bit the bullet last week and called in the professionals.

This was no easy decision for him, being a cheap bastard man who prides himself on achieving such tasks on his own, but not having several hundred channels to choose from was really starting to eat him up.

So on Wednesday afternoon yet another strange man climbed the ladder to our roof, the only difference between him and the others being that once he set foot on the patio he was handed a wad of cash.

But whatever. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and by that point I didn’t care what he had to do or how much it was going to cost. I just wanted the fucking thing hooked up already.

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Why I believe in Robert Kiyosaki

This morning, I told a woman I’ve met a few times in the park that I’m having a mid life crisis.

I didn’t mean an actual mid life crisis, whatever that is, I meant something more like, there are all these crazy things happening in my life and I’m making big changes. It was my lame attempt t0 be funny and maybe a little outrageous (I like to be outrageous sometimes as my friends will attest).

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Language of the personal finance bully

In an article I read today on TechDirt apparently Disney is in hot water for selling a lamp that infringes on copyright laws.

As you may know, Pixar is one of the divisions of Disney and they make all those sickeningly cute little movies like Cars and Wall-E and tons of others that my kids watch constantly. I’ll admit it: I like them.

And if you’ve ever watched any of these movies then obviously you’re familiar with the various Pixar Logos that incorporate that sweet little lamp:

Well, this little lamp is inspired by a pretty prominent lighting company called Luxo. They make task lighting, medical lighting – pretty much if you can screw a light bulb into it they make it.

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Weighing-In On Fat

I’m fat. There it is! I said it again for the umptieth time. Being overweight for so many years and struggling to come to terms with it has set me up for failure time and again. I’ve said over and over on this blog and in real life that I don’t feel off-balanced most of the time.

It’s not until I see a photo of myself that I realize something is wrong. Frankly most of the time I have to take a double-take to make sure that’s me whom I’m looking at in the questionable photos.

Now picture me at my weigh-in after a month of heavy duty weight training… My muscles reacted positively right from the start. After a couple of weeks Carina noticed that I was getting stronger which lead to her giving me new challenges to continue to build muscle.

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Things To Avoid When Writing a Headline


“I read some of your blog.” I got that deer in the headlights look, said “Oh,” shuffled my feet while avoiding eye contact, and then went on with my work.  I am the MASTER of awkward situations.

If by master, I mean the master of making awkward situations more awkward.  Also?  I’m obsessive about said awkward situations, spending the rest of the day wondering what I should have said and what I’m supposed to do in the future.

Like, should I just abandon the blog until summer, when I don’t have to look these women in the face 5 days a week?  Did I post anything really embarrassing that will haunt me for the next 4 months?  Which posts did she read?  Were they awful?  Okay?  Whiny? Too much information?  (Of course, they were. This is my blog.  That’s what I do!)

I’ve done this kind of obsessing before.  An uncle said, “I read your blog and it’s just not for me.” Continue reading

What does it take for a paradigm shift?

Start straight for business

Last week I met a boy, he was handsome, and smart, and kind.

We didn’t really have chemistry, but he was handsome, and smart, and kind… we hung out for most of the evening at a work function.

We chatted, he introduced me to people, and he got my number. I mean, we work in the same place and despite its size who’s to say we wouldn’t, ya know, need to contact each other for something…

That night I went home early, but I was thinking to myself, “now would be the perfect time for him to text me. he could say,

1. nice chatting with you tonight!
2. hope you got home safe!
3. *insert something else cutesy-wootsy here!*

But as I lay there in bed almost pining for a nice guy [who I was not actually interested in] to text me, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I realized I was doing exactly what I had warned against in a previous blog post. Continue reading

Creating a business plan for your online business

I have written time and time again that smoking is very very unhealthy. This fact is universally acknowledged.

Once more I am in a state of confusion of how people who want to improve, or maintain, their health can continue to smoke.

Smoking is of course incredibly addictive. Quitting the habit is thus very hard – but it can be done by anyone, even those with a genetic predisposition to metabolizing nicotine (albeit harder for them). Anyone can still go and get their nicotine in gum form though, that at least will undercut a huge amount of my complaints.

The ability of people to ignore the fact that smoking will kill them is amazing (including people with lung cancer), so it is, I suppose, not surprising that health-minded people will also ignore the truth.

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Distress versus Eustress

Focus on your strengths instead of improving your weaknesses – Quite often people are told to ‘do something about their weaknesses’ in order to ‘get on’. Actually this seemingly logical advise is very illogical and is counter intuitive.

Everyone is good at a maybe five to six things and they are average at a lot more. It is easier and smarter to leverage your strengths than increase your weaknesses slowly. This is known as ‘multiplication’ over ‘incremental’ changes. It’s what is meant when a business focuses on its core business to strengthen their position.

Too much of a good thing becomes the opposite – This may seem odd however its often the case if someone spends too much time on what they perceive as a good thing they become the opposite. In the case of wanting more time the idea of having lazy days seems ideal. However the end result we are aiming for is freeing up time to do something we really want to do instead of days of doing nothing.

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