Self-acceptance vs. Self-improvement

How do you balance the constant need for improvement with the concept of self-acceptance? You may think that you need to carefully balance the two as you may get complacent by accepting everything about yourself and doing nothing, or you may be too self-critical and always strive for bigger and better; independent of what you actually achieve. See also this Anna Anake video:

The two concepts don’t have to be on separate sides of the same coin. You can learn to accept yourself without becoming complacent, while you continue to work toward your self-improvement goals.

Improving yourself and accepting yourself do not have to be dueling forces and actually work better when they are married together. Knowing that you accept everything about yourself and truly believing this to be the case can help you to make any self-improvements more about the process or testing capabilities versus needing to get above the benchmark for approval.

When you can make this distinction you will realize which self-improvement aspects are for the approval of others and which are for the sake of wanting to be better for whatever reason you have determined. Be also aware that nutrition, and also the intake of artificial sweeteners, is an important contributing factor when it comes to a good balance.

Life is dynamic and it is rare that things stay the same. Having a drive for personal growth and improvement will help you to be in a state of progression instead of regression. Remember at any one time that you reflect on your life you are actually reflecting on the choices that you have made in the past. It does you no good to criticism but taking an honest appraisal can give you data to work from when you are trying to change your life through self-improvement.

Use all of the concepts to further your life and happiness when they are the appropriate tool for the job. Knowing where you want to go and planning for the future will help you to get where you need to go you just have to work at it and make sure your mind is in a quiet state to function optimally so you can focus on what counts.

All of these concepts can be used to make you a better person or to halt your progress it depends on how you apply them. Being self-acceptant to the point of not doing anything to sustain or improve the situation can be harmful to your physical and mental health. In the same token being overly critical as you go through your self-development and personal growth can stunt your progression and waste a lot of energy. Use the tools only when they serve you best, and realize that balance is a very powerful tool in and of itself.

Make sure that you understand the difference between self-acceptance and self-improvement so that you can use them to help you become more successful in achieving your vision; whatever it may be. You will see that especially for people who are self-employed, this will get you (back) on track toward a rewarding future.