The Biggest Lies About Money

Sometimes my husband calls me the bag lady when I’m running errands. It’s not what you think. No. I am not strolling the streets of Los Angeles totting bags of every fabric and material known to mankind.

Eh, the last statement is probably somewhat true. A few years ago, many grocery stores started selling affordable reusable bags. Sometime later, these bags could also be found in non-grocery markets such as Target.

I was among the few that took to them quickly and to actually use them at the check-out stand. I keep them in my car as most people do. I also have been known to leave a full basket of groceries by the cashier to run to my car because I had forgotten to bring in my bags. (sigh)

Two weeks ago, Los Angeles County supervisors voted to ban the use of plastic bags by grocery stores in unincorporated parts of the county. I was surprised to learn that there were people opposing the ban stating that it would hurt lower income families.

I thought this argument was strange considering that in many parts of the world markets do not offer bags to their customers.Consumers are expected to bring in their own bags.

My husband and I were reminded of that while on a trip to his family’s hometown in Mexico. We had purchased some groceries and had to carry them out in our arms. This is a city that is populated by several thousand people and, to this date, they do not offer grocery bags to their customers.

Often markets will have coupons for the reusable bags for half the cost and in some cases they are free. Many community festivals, carnivals and event places, giveaway tote bags that can be used at the market. How can it possibly burden lower income families when these bags are so cheaply and easily available to all?

I have many bags. Some are made of canvas and others are made of nylon. The nylon bags are my favorite because they can easily roll up to the size of an orange yet they can carry a gallon of milk without causing it to tear. I bought them online –>Envirosax

I look forward to the phrase ~> Paper or canvas?My part of town does not fall into the ban zone. I hope our politicians will be able to spread the *cheer* in helping to keep our waters free of plastic in the near future. I don’t want my children to pay for our conveniences.

How do you feel about reusable bags? Do you believe they would burden the poor?