Weighing-In On Fat

I’m a little fat. There it is! I said it again for the umptieth time. Being overweight for so many years and struggling to come to terms with it has set me up for failure time and again. I’ve said over and over on this blog and in real life that I don’t feel off-balanced most of the time.

It’s not until I see a photo of myself that I realize something is somewhat wrong. Frankly, most of the time I have to take a double-take to make sure that’s me whom I’m looking at in the questionable photos.

Now picture me at my weigh-in after a month of heavy duty weight training… My muscles reacted positively right from the start. After a couple of weeks, Carina noticed that I was getting stronger which lead to her giving me new challenges to continue to build muscle.

The day before my moment of truth confidence washed over me as I pulled myself up on the TRX straps. With energy, I bounced firmly from one station to another. I realized also at that time that I used too many sweeteners for a far too long period of time. As is proved now, not really helpful if you want to lose some weight. sigh…

Bubbling over with anticipation I gulped a deep breath of air and filled my mind with featherweight thoughts. Carina’s expression quickly removed the confident smile on my face.

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to follow through on all the work that it takes to reach those goals. That meant for me that my 2-meal-a-day routine was actually working against me tricking my body into believing that I was starving it.

If the body believes it’s starving it begins to store fat for a better chance of survival. Also, I have to admit that although I do eat well most of the week I also eat very badly. This helped store more fat in my body. I also didn’t do any cardio between my weight training sessions. All this added up to 2 pounds in weight gain after one month. sigh…

Lesson learned. I’m completely embarrassed. Carina wasn’t ready to give up on me, but I felt a deeper sense of responsibility. Losing weight with a trainer is an awesome experience that I hope many will have a chance to do at least once in their life.

They know how to sculpt muscles beautifully and know how much to push your body to get those results without hurting you. Many of Carina’s members had impressive stories and results. Some simply had impressive bodies. I was just trying to quiet my mind and focus on my primary task…lose a few pounds.

Bottom line, there is no easy way to losing weight. You have to be fully committed or you won’t get the results you are looking for.

I haven’t quite given up on myself. I’ve taken the lessons I learned from working-out at Pro Fitness Network and incorporated them into my life. Now I’m eating 4 to 6 times a day — small meals. Drinking more water. And I’m back to doing cardio 2 days a week. Baby steps…